Helping someone to overcome a depression

Because I had a depression a lot of people come to me for help.
It’s not easy to help someone who is going trough a hard time.
I saw what it did to my mom so please think about it before you make a commitment like that. The person that you want to help will need you support 24/7.
It hard to not give up or become depressed too.

People who are in a depression need someone to talk to, someone who doesn’t judge about their problems. That’s something that you need to remember. You can give some tips to help the person but the main thing that you can do is just listen.
I hated it wnd people told me that they knew where I was going trough when I knew that they didn’t. Someone once told me that he understood me because his grandmother died. Ofcourse it is hard when you grandmonther dies but you can’t compare it with a dad that commited suicide. I know this person meant well but when people say something like that you only feel more alone. You feel like nobody will ever understand your problems.
So don’t say ‘I know where you are going trough’. You can only say that when you were ever in the same situation.

In Belgium we have a supportgroup for people that came in contact with someone who commited suicide. There I found the most support. I knew that this people where going trough the same feelings like I did. Ofcourse every situation is different but the mourning process is similar.
I recommend it to everybody to look for a group who knows how you feel because they experienced the same things. There you hear story’s that you can relate to and tips for handling them.

Most of the time people surounding someone with a depression have pity with this person. And you know thats a good thing but don’t exaggerate it. The person is nothing with pity. In my case I needed a good wake up call to come out of my depression. I needed someone to tell me the hard truth and drag me back into the real world.
Because often when you give the person pity they only get pity with themself. Ofcourse it is a good thing to protect this people because they can’t handle hard things at that time but by keep protecting them you can’t help them.
At some day they need to realise that the worlds keep spinning and that life isn’t fair.

I know I sound hard but it’s just the truth. Nothing in life comes without a fight.
And I know some thing are not fair, some people get everything without a fight but do you realy think that these people are happy? I don’t know…
When you are living a life when you are never happy with anything you have.I think that’s sad because they will never know the feeling when you accomplish something where you worked your ass off to accomplish it.

When you support someone with a depression you have to think about your own health to.
It is realy exhausting to help a person like that because they aks for a lot of attention.
You have to be aware of the danger to become depressed too.
Sometimes you need some time for your own and someone to have happy conversations with. So please keep that in mind and remember you are doing a great thing by helping someone with a depression. When you can’t handle it on your own don’t think that you are doing ¬†something wrong or that you are letting that person down. Some people have big problems that need professional help. Maybe you can help the person more by convincing them to be helped by a professional.




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