I couldn’t believe what he did…

I was 12 years old.
Me and my stepsister had a sleepover by a girlfiend, she was the daughter of friends of my dad and stepmom.
I was sleeping when I woke up from noise. I heard my dad shouting ‘Shut up! stop laughing at me! I am sick off al this!’.
I heard my dad on the stairs going down and when he went out he slammed the door.

I dind’t knew what was happening, I was panicking in my bed because I didn’t know what hapenned. I was used to the fights between my stepmom and my dad but I never heard him shouting and I knew that there was something wrong.
I had a stomach ache, I was sick and a I had a really bad headache.
After a few hours I fell back asleep.

The morning after I woke up at 10 a.m. and I went downstairs with my stepsister and the fiend. I went to the bathroom all though I din’t had to go to the toilet. I was watching myself in the mirror and I asked myself why I was being so scared to go in the living room.
I regained myself and went in.

I saw my stepmom sitting at the table and she was crying. The parents of my friend were standing next to the table and there was a man sitting in front off my stepmom that I didn’t knew.
She asked me to come sitt on her lap. I was shocked because she was never nice to me.
But I was too afraid to say no to her so I sat down.
She started crying and said ‘I can’t tell her, It’s too difficult’.
The man that I din’t knew looked at me and said ‘Your dad commited suicide’.


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